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New Harry Potter song!

It’s been a really long time since I have written a wizard rock song…something like three years. But I have been feeling super inspired by wrock/Harry Potter this week soooooo here you go!

Listen here or on the music tab under the SatQ section. 


Just posted the chords to Be My Vulcan Lover — find it over on my new chords and lyrics page!

Oh hi!

It’s been… more than a year since I posted here, yikes! Life has been quite a whirlwind — graduated from college, worked at Walt Disney World, stopped working at Disney, moved back to the Midwest. I’m still making music, and the best place to find my newest stuff is this bandcamp page. You’ll find several songs about Supernatural, a song about Doctor Who, a bunch of covers, and lots of other goodies over there. Everything’s free to download, as always 🙂

A Matter of Time

I did a cover of the song “A Matter of Time” from the AMAZING webseries/transmedia project I Made America. Check it out here and then come listen to my version of one of Thomas Jefferson’s songs!

Three new songs!

Hey Alex (which is, um, about the founding father), I Call Your Name, and a cover of Journey to the Past (from Anastasia). Enjoy!

New Songs!

(Well, two new ones and one old one that I just got around to recording.)

Heaven” (which is about the character Castiel from Supernatural) and “Come with Me” are new.

Let’s Slushie Glee!” is about a year old, but I hadn’t posted it before.

I’d love if you would give them a listen!

As always, you can also pop over to the music page to check them out.

Thanks, darlings!


I’ve recorded a bunch of covers of songs (a lot of Disney and musical theatre) over this semester, and I thought I’d post them on my bandcamp site so you can listen to them if you like! Music is here.

❤ ❤


Jingle Spells 5!

Please check out this year’s Jingle Spells, which has one of my songs on it! I’m so thrilled to have been chosen for this album. You can order it here.

Free music!

For the next couple of days, I’m offering all of my music for free!

Head over here:


and here:





New No-Win Scenario song!

It’s called “A Memory and Prayer”. Hop on over to the music page to give it a listen; I’m super proud of it!

Love love love —