Performed today!

My school had an open mic night this evening, and I sang Be My Vulcan Lover and Mirror of Erised. Excellent, excellent!

Also, I promise that I’ve been working on new songs; I have several things written, but not recorded. Soon, hopefully!


No-Win Scenario on the Radio! (And a bunch of new videos.)

My brand new No-Win Scenario song, “The Lego Song” is going to be on Kansas Public Radio TONIGHT (Sunday July 3)! It’ll be during the show KPR Presents, which is from 8 to 9. So, if you’re somewhere you can listen to 91.5, please turn on the radio during that time and you might catch me singing! I’m super honored to get to share my music with everyone who listens to this show.

In other news, last night I recorded several new videos, which I’m putting up on youtube right now. So check out “The Marauders” and “End of an Era” at, and watch “The Lego Song” at Or just pop on over to my video page.

Love to  you all–


This Album is Not a Horcrux

I just turned in a song for an awesome compilation that Slytherin Soundtrack is putting together. It’s benefiting the Harry Potter Alliance (an absolutely awesome organization — check them out!) and will be released July 5th. The song of mine that will be on it is called “My Patronus” — it’s a song about hope, pretty much.  Please please please check out this compilation — it’s for a great cause and will have some really awesome music on it. You can preorder it HERE.

That’s about it for right now. Much love!


New No-Win Scenario song!

Well, not exactly a new song, as it’s been written for a while, but I finally got around to recording “For You”! Check it out on my music page, and if you like it, you can download it here: I hope you like the song 😀

Also: I just finished classes, and so I’m hoping to have some time for writing/recording during reading week. So if all goes well, I should be updating often this week!

Cheers —



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